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Online Videos

Videos of Operation Agri’s work

Our video presentations give examples of projects OA is supporting, from our Appeal materials and seminars.

The appeal DVDs usually feature several videos, sometimes with subtitles. If you would like the full version on DVD, please get in touch. They can also be made available by Dropbox on request.


Building a Better Future in Bangladesh

We are featuring two projects in Bangladesh:
– one in the slums of Dhaka, helping girls from poor families to get a good education, and
– in villages of a tribal area, empowering women with a savings and loan scheme, to improve their income and feed their families,
always displaying Christan Love in action.

Longer videos are available on high definition on our DVD or on DropBox (by request), or in single definition from the Appeal page.


Plants for Life and Light

In African heat and in Afghan snow, OA is

  • training farmers to improve crops and harvest in Tanzania,
  • lighting homes with small-scale hydroelectric plants in Afghanistan,

always displaying Christan Love in action.

Watch the five minute introductory video to both projects here. A version with subtitles and two longer videos (one for each project) are available on DVD (on request).


Mike and Daveen Wilson

wilson_familyOperation Agri’s seminar at the 2013 Baptist Assembly featured a talk by Mike and Daveen Wilson (pictured with their daughter Debbie) entitled ‘Ten Questions Every Development Worker Should Ask.’ Mike and Daveen worked with BMS World Mission in Trapia, Brazil, for many years, and their ministry there has been summarised in the New Year, Spring and Summer 2013 issues of our magazine Outreach Abroad.

The audio recording of their talk follows:

Ten Questions Every Development Worker Should Ask

The PowerPoint from their presentation may be downloaded as a PDF using this link:

Ten Questions Presentation


Sri Lanka – Growing Skills in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Operation Agri supports the work of LEADS and Farms Lanka among poor rural communities.

Watch the five minute video presentation here. A version with subtitles, a longer video, and a version suitable for children, are available on DVD (on request).


Nicaragua – Fit for Life

In Nicaragua, Operation Agri supports the work of AMOS Health and Hope among the poor of a remote region of the country.

Watch the five minute video presentation here. A longer video, and a version suitable for children, are available on DVD (on request).


Jubilee Service, Bloomsbury

pbm2.00 p.m., Saturday 11th June 2011, at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church.

This service celebrating 50 years showing Christ’s love to some of the world’s neediest people was recorded (audio only). Click on the following items to hear the recordings.

– Interview with Joyce Stockley

– Interview with Debbie Wilson

– Andy Matheson of Oasis International

– Thailand BMS Youth Action Team

– Sermon by Paul Beasley-Murray


Jubilee – Harvest of Hope

The video presentation for our 50th anniversary Jubilee looks at three of our current projects:

– helping refugees returning to their land after the civil war in Gulu, Uganda
– honey production in Trapia, Brazil
– a coffee co-operative helping ex-drug addicts build a new life in Thailand

in each case helping people produce a Harvest of Hope.

Jubilee Timeline

This short video timeline presentation was prepared by the BMS communications department for our Jubilee – you might have seen it at the Assembly in Blackpool.

Watch the 90 second Timeline video.



In Nepal, Operation Agri supports a wide range of sanitation, clean water, health training, income generation and community empowerment projects.

Watch the Nepal video.



In Uganda, East Africa, Operation Agri is involved in agricultural help to poor rural communities. Pastor Paul Kyalimpa, a trained agriculturalist, shares his experience with pastors and community leaders. Operation Agri has provided teams of oxen, so farmers can cultivate more land for a bigger harvest.

Watch the Uganda video.



In India, Operation Agri supports rural and urban development. See work we support with farming in a remote part of Orissa, and in a Mumbai (Bombay) slum with pre-school children.

Watch the India video.


AIDS Seminar

rachelOperation Agri held a special seminar at the 2008 Baptist Assembly weekend in Blackpool: which looked at the ways in which AIDS undermines rural people’s livelihoods and considered options for helping poor, rural families to recover from the ravages of AIDS.

The speaker at the OA seminar was development economist Dr Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (pictured), who is a trustee of Operation Agri. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies, and is the daughter of former BMS missionaries David and Yvonne Wheeler. She and her husband Ricardo are members of Holland Road Baptist Church, Hove.

Listen to Rachel’s talk Rebuilding Rural Livelihoods Amid AIDS:

Rachel spoke about how the AIDS pandemic needs to be treated as a livelihoods crisis, rather than simply a health crisis. While screening, prevention and treatment remain of fundamental concern, we need to recognise that the disease sharply reduces the ability of a family to support itself and entire livelihood systems are being undermined. Effective intervention must include ways of replacing lost livelihoods and preventing affected people from becoming lastingly dependent on outside aid.

OA Chairman Russell Ashley-Smith says: “This is a timely airing of the subject of great concern to those with a heart for world development. It is also very relevant to our appeal focus this year, which is development work in Uganda, one of the first countries to be ravaged by AIDS.”